Bsc IT Semester VI

Bsc IT Semester VI

B.Sc. IT Semester VI

Data Warehousing

Digital Signals and Systems


Internet Technologies

Project Management

Geographic Information Systems


PROGRAMME : B. Sc (Information Technology) Semester – VI
Periods per week

Evaluation System Project Report
Project Report (Internal) –100
The project should be undertaken preferably individually or by the group of maximum 4 students
who will jointly work and implement the project. The candidate/group will select a project with the
approval of the Guide (staff member) and submit the name of the project with a synopsis of the
proposed work of not more than 02 to 08 pages within one month of the starting of the semester. The
candidate/ group is expected to complete detailed system design, analysis, data flow design,
procurement of hardware and/or software, implementation of a few modules of the proposed work
during the semester VI as a part of the term work submission in the form of a joint report.
Candidate/group will submit the completed project work to the department at the end of semester VI
as mentioned below.
1. The workable project.
2. The project report in the bound journal complete in all respect with the following : –
a. Problem specifications.
b. System definition – requirement analysis.
c. System design – dataflow diagrams, database design
d. System implementation – algorithm, code documentation
e. Test results and test report.
f. In case of object oriented approach – appropriate process be followed.
The project report should contain a full and coherent account of your work. Although there will be
an opportunity to present the work verbally, and demonstrate the software, the major part of the
assessment will be based on the written material in the project report. One can expect help and
feedback from the project guide, but ultimately it’s the candidates own responsibility. The
suggestive structure of a project report should be guided by your guide in selecting the most
appropriate format for your project.