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MCA305 Software Project Management
Subject Code Subject Name Teaching Scheme (Contact Hours per week) Credits Assigned
Theory Pract Tut Theory Pract Tut Total
MCA305 Software Project Management 04 04 04
Examination Scheme
Theory Term Work Pract Oral Total
Internal Assessment End Sem. Exam.

[ Once in a semester ]

Test 1 Test 2 Average
20 20 20 80 100

Objectives Understand iterative development and its benefits. Identify the responsibilities, types of deliverables and interdependencies of the iterative development team. Describe the changing emphasis of Project management as a project progresses through phases and iteration. And to understand important consideration when analyzing a completed iterative project.

Outcomes Gives in-depth knowledge on system view of project management and its iterative development and benefits. Provides knowledge on changing emphasis and quality. And gives deep knowledge on risk management and closing on project

Unit No                                                                     Contents                                                              No of. Hrs


Unit I              An  Overview  of  IT  Project  Management:  What  is  project?What is project Management,The role of project Manager, The project Management Profession Understanding organizations, Stakeholder management, Project phases and the project life cycle

Unit II             Conceptualizing and Initializing IT project : Information   Technology Project Methodology, Business case, Project selection and Approval,Project management processes, Project charter, Project Planning Framework

Unit III           Project Scope management:   Scope definition and Project  Scope management, Creating the Work Breakdown Structures, Scope Verification , Scope Control

Unit IV           Scheduling   and   Budgeting:   Developing   the   Project   Schedule,   Schedule Control,Basic Principles of Cost Management, CostEstimating: Types of cost estimates,    Cost    estimation    Tools    and    Techniques,Cost    Budgeting,Cost



Unit V

Control:Earned Value Management,Project Portfolio Management.

Project Quality and Communication management:  Tools and Techniques for


6 Hrs.

Quality   Control,Pareto   Analysis,   Statistical   Sampling,   Six   Sigma, Quality,
Control Charts and the seven Run Rule, Modern Quality management:
Juran and the importance of Top management, commitment to Quality, Crosby
and  Striving  for  Zero  defects, Ishikawa and the  Fishbone  Diagram, Improving
Information Technology Project Quality, The Project Communication Plan
Reporting Performance and Progress, Information Distribution
Unit VI The Importance of Project Procurement Management :

Planning Purchases and Acquisitions,   Planning Contracting, Requesting   Seller

6 Hrs.
Responses, Selecting Sellers, Administering the Contract, Closing the Contract
Using Software to Assist in project Procurement Management, Out Sourcing:
The    Beginning    of   the   outsourcing    phenomenon,    Types    of   outsourcing
relationship, The realities of outsourcing, Managing the outsourcing relationship


Unit VII The Risk Management  Plan:  IntroductionIT  Project  Risk  Management,  Planning Process, Identify IT Project Risk, Risk Analysis and Assessment, Risk Strategies , Risk Monitoring and Control, Risk Response and Evaluation

Unit VIII        Human  Resource  Management:  Human Resource Planning,     Acquiring the Project Team:Resource Assignment, Resource Loading, Resource Leveling Developing the Project Team, Managing the Project Team, Change  management

: Dealing with Conflict & Resistance Leadership & Ethics

Unit IX           The      Project       Implementation       Plan       and      Closure       :       Project ImplementationAdministrative Closure, Project Evaluation

Leadership & Ethics in Projects: Project Leadership, Ethics in Projects, Multicultural Projects

4 Hrs.



4 Hrs.




6 Hrs.



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  5. Quantitive techniques for project management    by  Rettyvelayudam  SPD
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