25,000 Mumbai University students pass after recheck

RTI data from the examination section of the University of Mumbai has revealed that nearly 25,000 students passed after getting their results revaluated and reassessed in 2012-13. Activist Vihar Durve, who had filed the application under the RTI Act, said that the fact that such a large number of students passed after revaluation shows that the assessment by examiners was sub-standard and the university and education minister should take moral responsibility for it and resign.

According to the information disclosed by the MU examination section, the number of students that passed in three exams that were conducted in the first and second half of 2012 and first half of 2013, a total of 25,095 (7,751, 6,835 and 10,509) students had passed after revaluation. The RTI revealed that another 832 students had passed after they applied for retotalling of marks. “If such a large number of students managed to pass after revaluation it goes to show that the standard of assessment is very poor. The fact that students have to pay money in the form of revaluation fees and/or fees for photocopy of the answer sheet to get the deserved result shows that the higher education system is in shambles,” said Mr Durve.

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