Bsc It Syllabus Mumbai University


  Bsc It Syllabus Mumbai University  Course Details:

First Year
Semester ISemester II
1. Professional Communiation Skills1. web designing and Programming
2. Applied Mathematics – I2. Applied Mathematics – II
3. Fundamental of Digital Computing3. Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
4. Electronics and Communication Technology4. Database Management Systems
5. Introduction to C++ Programming5. Data Communication and Networking Standards


Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
1. Logic and Discrete Mathematics1. Software Engineering
2. Computer Graphics2. Multimedia
3. Advanced SQL3. Java and Data Structures
4. Object Oriented Programming with C++4. Quantative Technologies
5. Modern Operating Systems5. Embeded Systems


Third Year
Semester VSemester VI
1. Network Security,
2. ASP .NET with C# Units
3. Software Testing
4. Advanced Java
5 Linux Administration
1. Internet Technologies
2. Software Project       Management
3. Data Warehousing
4. Elective Subjets:(any one)

4.a IPR and Cyber Laws
4.c GIS

5. Project