Core And Advanced Java

Core And Advanced Java

Core And Advanced Java All Unit

CBCS Based Updated Syllabus:

Unit 1: Swing 
Event Handling, JFrames, Lists, Tables, Trees, Text Components, Progress Indicators,  Component Organizers.

Unit 2:  Introduction to servlets
Need for dynamic content, Java servlet technology, why servlets?

Servlet API and Lifecycle: Servlet API, servletConfig interface, ServletRequest and ServletResponse Interfaces, GenericServlet Class. ServletInputStream And ServletOutputStream Classes, Request Dispatcher Interface, Http Servlet Class, HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse Interfaces, HttpSession Interface, Servlet Lifecycle.

Working with servlets : organization of a web application, creating a web application (usingnetbeans) , creating a servlet, compiling and building the web application.

Unit 3: JDBC 
Design of JDBC, JDBC configuration, Executing SQL statement, Query Execution,Scrollable and updatable result sets, row sets, metadata, Transaction.

JSP : Introduction, disadvantages, JSP v/s Servlets, Lifecycle of JSP, Comments, JSP documents,JSP elements, Action elements, implicit objects, scope, characterquoting conventions, unifiedexpression language

Unit 4: Java server Faces
Need of MVC , what is JSF?, components of JSF, JSF as an application, JSF lifecycle, JSFconfiguration, JSF web applications (login form, JSF pages)

EJB : Enterprise bean architecture, Benefits of enterprise bean, type of beans, Accessing beans,packaging beans, creating web applications creating enterprise bean, creating web client, creating JSPfile, building and running web application.

Introduction, Writing the application, application development approach, creating database and tables in MySQL, creating a web application, Adding the required library files, creating a Java bean class, creating hibernate configuration and mapping file, adding a mapping resource, creating JSPs.

STRUTS :Introduction, Struts framework core components, installing and setting up struts, getting started withstruts.

Unit 6. WEB Services :
SOAP, Building a web services using JAX-WS, Building web service.

JAVAMAIL : Mail Protocols, Components of the Javamail API, JAVAMAIL API, Starting with API.

JNDI : NAMING Service, Directory service, JNDI, Resources and JNDI.STRUTS Introduction, Struts framework core components, installing and setting up struts, getting started with struts.

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