Five times Mumbai University has made same exam Paper, A careless mistake!

  • While not many students noticed the similarities in the exam hall, some realised it after going home.

  • Except one question, all the others were repeated, and in the same order

Mumbai: This is not first time when Mumbai University is making mistake of repeating paper during exam. On Friday, 16th December 2016, Second year BE (electronics and telecommunication) student of Mumbai University appeared for electronic instrument and measurement exam paper was repeated last year exam paper. The question was copy paste from 2015 question sheets, except for one question all are said to repeated in the same order.

According to Mumbai University, the three members of the committee pick out question from the syllabus and set three different papers. In one of which given to students during exam. Only 40 per cent similarity in question is allowed from last year paper.

This is not the first time Mumbai University has made such a blunder, this has also happened in the, past:

In May 2015, The Mumbai University was held on 26th may of final year of Electronics Engineering, The students alleged that University printed 8 question instead of 7 question in which question number two was printed twice with different question.

In November 2014,  Mumbai university repeated the past years question paper for TYB Com exams. The Mumbai university had mistakenly uploaded the wrong question paper for the exam, and, the same paper was downloaded by all the exam centres. This goof up created a major chaos among the students. The University then uploaded a new question paper and gave extra time for the exams.

In December 2014, The students appearing for 9th semester bachelor of Legal Studies and fifth semester LLB exam in Interpretation that two question of 12 marks were repeated in the paper and two mark question was missing from question number one.

In June 2012, Mumbai University decided to conduct first year engineering exam for three of their papers.  The paper of mathematics-II and Physics II was leaked. The student had given twice same paper exam.


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