Hike Messenger launching a web version to take on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp’s new web app makes it easier for those on the computer to message their contacts without having to take out their phones. And taking inspiration from this, India’s very own Hike Messenger (owned by Bharti SoftBank) has decided to launch a new web version which will let you seamlessly sync your messages on the desktop browser.

The news was made official by the CEO of Hike, Kavin Bharti Mittal on his Twitter page, along with a screenshot which reveals how the feature works. It seems like this is still in Beta, judging by the screenshot.


I’m particularly curious to know how a user’s account is authenticated with Hike Web. Will it be the same as WhatsApp Web, which uses a QR code to identify your account or will Hike implement a different security measure? These are plaguing questions which has to be answered by the makers of Hike.

Hike is known as an app which brings out the latest features before some of the bigger players. The company beat WhatsApp to the finish in terms of getting voice calling on board, which was a commendable feat for the developers. Hike was adjudged the 8th most used app in the first quarter of 2015, with only one other Indian app in the fray.

The makers of Hike haven’t made it clear as to when the feature will be available, so we will have to play the waiting game to see this feature hitting our devices. Expect more word from the developers over the coming days.

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