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Mumbai University earns millions of rupees from re-evaluation, while they pay minimal amount to professor for checking | educlash

Mu Earns Millions Of Rupees From Re Evaluation While They Pay Minimal Amount To Professor For Checking

Giving a minimum amount to professor, University earns a millions from re-evaluation

MU earns millions of rupees from re-evaluation while they pay minimal amount to professor for checking

Earning millions of rupees from re-evaluation, & given a small amount to professors for evaluating the answer sheets. Similarly, students are not paid their dues even after the changes have been made.

The number of students applying for re-evaluation has been on rise from previous few years, & due to this mumbai university is earning multi-crore rupees from this re-assessment fees. Image
Every year, the University receives an application for re-assessment fee of Rs 4.5 to Rs 6 crores and a fee of Rs 15-20 lakh for the photocopy of answer papers. In the year 2016-17, a fee of Rs 4 crore 83 lakh 30 thousand 940 was collected from the revival of the university and Rs 15 lakh 32 thousand 55 rupees for the photocopy.

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Even many of rupees are not refunded by university to students, Similarly, objections have been raised that the teachers are given a small amount of money for verification of answer sheets.

Mumbai University charge Rs.500 fee for re-evaluation of each subject. While the teachers are given a stipend of 8 to 16 rupees for the examination of the answer papers. Similarly, if students change their course, they are not paid back. When the students do not have a mistake, they have to face hundred of rupees. It is demanding that the students should be paid back their fees in case of change in the system.
The University has informed Vihar Dravhe about this information under the Right to Information Act about Professors do not get good honor, & even the professors also do not come forward to evaluate the answer sheets. Considering the time given by the professors, their hard work should increase their honor. Similarly, students have to pay hundreds of rupees when they are not wrong. Therefore, if the change in the students’ result, they should get the fee back, “Durve said.


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