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Mumbai University plans for computerized attendance from next examination | educlash

Mu Plans For Computerized Attendance From Next Examination

Mu plans for computerized attendance from next examination

Mumbai University has made significant decisions for the examinations starting from October. Now computerized attendance of students sitting in the examination will be taken. For this, from September 29 to October 7, the colleges will be imparting training to the principals, professors and IT coordinators. Training centers will be in Ratnagiri, Raigad, Mumbai and Palghar.

According to sources, many students’ answer sheets were not found after the online evaluation started. These students were sitting in the examination and due to the university’s mistake, answer papers were largely compromised. Despite this, there was no action on people related to the administration. When the results of the examination were announced, most of the students who did not receive the answer sheets were shown absent in the examination.

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On complaining to the students, they were asked to take the exams in the examination. There should be no repetition of such mistakes, so it has been decided to take computerized attendance of students in all the examinations conducted by the university from October.

Changes to make OSM easier
According to the university, online evaluation for the first time was started for all examinations in 2017. There have been technical difficulties in the online evaluation of any exams since then. The time of professors who have been assessed with this also was destroyed. Taking lessons from this, the University has made many changes in the OSM system. During the training, the professors will be informed about changes in the OSM system.
App Friendly
University will become Professor This year, the mobile app has been created for students and teachers. The University has decided to train teachers to make App Friendly so that they can become aware of the features and facilities available through the app.


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