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  1. Explain the Java event delegation model.
  2. What are inner classes? Explain with examples.
  3. What are the different types of layout in Java? Explain GridLayout.
  4. Write AWT based Java program that demonstrate the use of checkbox and radiobuttons.
  5. How can the user be made aware about the software loading process? Which component is facilitating the same? Explain with code specification.
  6. How do divide frame window in two parts? Explain with code specification.
  7. Compare and contrast AWT and Swing.
  8. Write a Java program to create different tabs using JTabbedPane.
  9. Write a short note on JSAPI (JAVA SERVLET API).
  10. Explain the life cycle phases of servlet.
  11. What are servlets? What are the advantages of servlets over CGI?
  12. Write a servlet application to find the sum of digits of the number entered by the user through the HTML form.
  13. Write a JDBC program that inserts values in database. [TABLE NAME : Employee, FIELDS : Empid, Name, Dept, Designation]
  14. What is the difference between a traditional JSP page and a JSP document? Quote an example.
  15. Explain scrollable and updatable resultsets in JDBC.
  16. Explain any five implicit objects in Java Server Pages.
  17. Explain the life cycle of JSF in detail.
  18. Explain the architecture of Enterprise Java Beans.
  19. Write the benefits of using EJB.
  20. What are the different types of enterprise beans? Explain.
  21. Explain the architecture of hibernate framework in detail.
  22. Explain web.xml and struts.xml files.
  23. What is Value stack in struts? State and explain the Execution Flow of value stack.
  24. Explain the application flow of Model-View-Controller architecture in struts framework.
  25. Write a Java program to handle the mouse related event
  26. Write a Java program using swing components to display tabbed pane with three tabs for First for First Year, Second for Second Year and Third for Third year. Every tab displays a list of all subjects of the respective years.
  27. What are HTTPServletRequest and HTTPServletResponse
  28. Explain the concept of “Character Quoting Conventions” in JSP.
  29. Write a session bean code specificaiton that calculate simple interest. Assume the principal, term and rate of interest is entered by the user and the inputs is passed through a servlet.
  30. “Action is a heart and soul of the struts framework”. Discuss.

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