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  1. What is fall through in switch with respect to switch in C#?
  2. Explain Exception Handling.?
  3. Define each of the following terms:(i)Derived class (ii) Abstract class (iii) Static class(iv) Sealed class (v)  Partial class
  4. Demonstrate with the help of an example, the significance of properties in C#.
  5. What is an assembly? Explain its different
  6. Explain ASP.NET life
  7. What is delegate? Explain delegate depuration and delegate instantiation with example.
  8. Explain delegate with example.
  9. When is CheckedChanged event of a Check Box fired? Describe the following properties: (i)GroupName property of a Radio Button (ii)Text property of a Label (iii)TextMode property of a Text Box (iv)Checked property of a Radio Button
  10. Explain Web.Config file ?
  11. Explain the text box web server control. List and explain any four text box attributes.
  12. What is the place of Page directive? Explain its attributes.
  13. Explain the following validation controls with example.
  14. Explain the following validation controls with example.
    CompareValidator (ii) CustomValidator (iii) RangeValidator
    RegularExpressionValidator (v) RequriedFieldValidator
  15. What is state management? Explain View State and URL Encoding.

  1. Explain MasterPage and steps to create MasterPage.
    Write short descriptions for the following:
    (i)Session state variables (ii) SiteMapPath control
  2. Explain Command class and Data Adapter class with properties and methods.
  3. Explain ADO.NET architecture.
  4. Explain windows authentication in ASP.NET.
  5. What is Data Binding? Which are 2 types of data binding?
  6. Write short notes on (i) LIN Q to Objects (ii) Linq to XML
  7. Explain any five methods of Jquery.
  8. Explain the use of Update Progress control and Timer Control in AJAX.
  9. Explain the query operators SELECT, FROJM, ORDERBY and WHERE in LINQ.
  10. What is method overloading?
  11. What are the uses of AutoPostBack and runat properties?
  12. What is code-behind model in ASP.NET? How is it different from single file model?
  13. Explain Menu and Tree view site navigation controls.
  14. List the different places in the web application where ViewState field can be disabled?
  15. Explain ASP.NET provider model with its diagram.


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