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Premium questions BSCIT Sem. V Network Security

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  1. Explain CIA security
  2. Describe Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
  3. What is the principle behind Vernam Cipher (OTP)? Why is it highly secure? Explain with an
  4. List and explain different types of criminal
  1. Describe CFB (Cipher Feed Back) Mode in
  2. List all 5 steps of DES round and explain Key Transformation and X-OR and Swap steps in
  3. Explain the principles/working of IDEA
  4. Write a short note on
  1. Explain the security solution based on the concept of Digital Envelope/Key Wrapping
  2. List and explain RSA algorithm steps with an
  3. List and explain requirements of message
  4. Describe the Problems with Public Key

  1. Explain PKCS#5 PBE – Password Based Encryption
  2. Explain the Station to Station
  3. List and explain the types or categories of Digital Certificates
  4. Write a short note on CRL Offline Revocation Status
  1. Describe Packet
  2. Write a short on VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  3. Write a short note on PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
  4. Explain the SET
  5. Explain the working of Kerberos
  6. What are One-Way Authentication approaches? Explain any
  7. Explain ClearText(Plain text) password based authentication and problems associated with
  8. Describe various Biometrics Techniques 
  1. Encrypt the  message  ‘Come  Home  Tomorrow  using  :  Caeasar  Cipher  and  Simple Columnar transposition techniques with 4 columns and its order is 4,2,1,3.
  2. Write a short note on BlowFish
  3. Explain HMAC in
  4. Explain the steps in creation of Digital Certificate
  5. Describe the Handshake Protocol of
  6. Write a short note on Authentication Token and explain any one type in

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