University-level exams to hit junior college may cancellation in lectures

MUMBAI: Teething problems with the introduction of a common exam time-table for first-year undergraduate programmes by Mumbai University are far from over for city colleges. The university-level exam is now scheduled in the evening session from 3pm-6pm in the second week of November and is bound to affect lectures in the junior college section.

The university had initially scheduled the exam in the first week of October. After teachers complained about getting fewer days to complete the syllabus, the exams are now scheduled in the second week of November. Due to non-availability of classrooms for the exam, colleges may have to cancel some lectures for the junior college section or keep the section shut for a week.
Many students take the exams in first year and final year BCom. The final year BCom commence on October 25 and go on till November 22, while FYBCom exams are from November 17-25. “Many university-level exams will clash as they are scheduled around the same time. The TYBCom exams are in the morning session and the first year exams are in the evening. The university will send us seating arrangements for the TYBCom exam closer to the exam. Once the number of examinees appearing from our centre is clear, we may be able to plan our days out,” said a principal.

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A teacher from a suburban college said they may have to cancel some instructional days for junior college students in their college as there will not be enough space to accommodate the students giving the exam. “We may combine some classes in junior college. There does not seem to be a solution. When the exams were conducted internally, we adjusted schedules. With the common exam time-table, we are unable to make those minor arrangements at the college level. Some degree college teachers may have to spend the whole day in college as they will also have second year degree lectures in the morning sessions,” said another principal, adding that almost a week of the junior college section will be affected with the first year exam.
Registrar M A Khan said there were discussions on revising time-tables. “Even if the exam schedule is not revised, colleges are expected to make minor adjustments. Otherwise implementation of a uniform exam will not be possible,” said Khan.


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