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Is it worth doing an MCA degree? Gaining hands-on experience in a job be worth more?


Well we have Just collected reviews from various experience person

Is it worth doing an MCA degree gaining hands-on experience in a job be worth more

Akshay Kr Gupta, Says (works at Infosys):

I completed MCA in 2012 and I don’t have any strong point in favor of MCA. As this degree teaches you nothing extra which you haven’t studied in your graduation (B.Sc IT or BCA). For IT graduates it is wastage of time.
But one fact is that no good MNC will offer you job on your Graduation Degree untill unless you are B.Tech. B.Sc IT and BCA doesn’t have any value in market. On the basis of these degrees you will only get BPO jobs in IT sectors.
Currently I am working with one of the Top Indian IT organization only because of this MCA degree. It doesn’t matter how great knowledge you posses, you will only get job when you will have a good degree. MCA and B.Tech are considered as equivalent.
So think wisely before you take your decision because this decision will change your life. Your first job decides your future. Your first designation decides your career.
Once you get a job of Support or BPO, its very hard to move to development. 

Kishor Mali, Says (An MCA degree Holder):

“I feel that getting a job and getting some hands on experience for 3 years could be much better than getting an MCA degree.”

Your thinking is right. Experience is most important thing now a days in IT industries and it is necessary to get the job. But at the time of promotions, you need a degree.

There are so many technologies out there. MCA syllabus is quite old (but it gives you the foundation).

I remembered, when I was in my BCS graduation, I don’t know much things which I got after MCA. I gone through so many technical scenarios, technical documentations and harassment during this MCA degree. But that is the foundation really. In industries, there is more harassment than the college.

I suggest you to get a job (on the basis of graduate degree) and meanwhiile you have to do the MCA. According to todays IT market, there are no jobs for freshers (with master degree). Also so many colleges don’t have the students also just because the freshers don’t have the market. So they may offer you the MCA course part-time too.

Conclusion : For getting job MCA is not required, but at the time of promotions, it is the deciding factor and it shows you higher than others.

Raghu Venmarathoor, Says (experience in Java):

I have an MCA post graduate degree. I had a totally messed up education and I did a Bcom for graduation. Fact is, I love programming, which I realised after 2 years in to Bcom. For a person like me, it was not that difficult to do MCA and many of my friends says that it is a repetition of what they have already learnt.

If you are from the same field, I wouldn’t recommend MCA. I read in the answers that some of them got placed in MNCs only after doing MCA, which I feel is a total waste of your energy and time. I would invest in genuine experience rather than working in MNCs. If getting into an MNC is your life goal or MCA is just a 3 letter word which you would like to have with your name, you could go for MCA (It helps in your life, especially in matrimonial sites). If you are serious about software development, I would recommend you to try to get into any startups and gain 3 years of experience rather than wasting 3 years on MCA, as it is a repetition of what you know.

A little bit about my background. I graduated in 2013 and this is the third job in startups in my 3 years of experience. I’ve experience in end-to-end development of a software and I’ve had the opportunity to handle entire apps from back-end to front-end alone. I used to work for around 12 hours a day during the phases where the pay was too low to survive. Life could be easier in MNCs, but I believe that my experience could pay off at some point of life. I never cared about the name or reputation of the company, but I believe that it gave me some genuine opportunities, which I would have missed if I had chosen some support jobs I was offered in the past.

I earn lesser than most of my friends. It is hard, considering the responsibilities I have. Every single day, I hear someone hinting that the job in this non-reputed companies would destroy my future. I don’t mind. What is the point without taking some risks? I used to try many things on my own and now I am kind of a full-stack developer (I’m not a big fan of my design skills). I believe that in this field, you can learn a lot from experience than you can learn from universities. I’m not a big fan of learning methodologies in India. My philosophy is that an honest effort in a degree will let you know what is there to know in this field. I’ve seen a lot of people from other fields who excel in software field than some IT graduates. Excel in your field and no one will ignore you.

In my opinion, a 3 year experience will be better than 3 letter degree which doesn’t genuinely help you.

Rajesh Maurya, Says (worked at Software Engineering):

I am a b.sc graduate person. After that i did MCA. I think if you do MCA you will get higher level knowledge compare to B.Sc(it) or BCA. Because of lake of knowledge people are considering MCA as a not important degree.
If you are graduate then you get job in BPO, marketing executive in insurance company, etc. This all are the time wasting job. On the basis of graduation you have to struggle more to secure your future. But if you do MCA, you will get a good job in software company and every year good increment in salary plus in knowledge.

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Ankur Mehra, Says (Founder-Trivialinc.com/ Full time Freelancer In USA Real Estate):

Yes it is also beneficial to get a higher degree . if you got job in decent company with decent profile , then don’t opt for higher studies , better to get 2 year experience in company then move to higher studies if you want .

As About MCA . It has good scope as well similar to Btech.- You will learn alot in MCA but make sure better to do from some premier institution or u should have good skills to get a decent specially related to programming.

Bilash Saha, Says (MCA Post Graduated, presently working in one of the Top IT firms.):

If you are looking at requirement criteria for most of the Top Tier IT companies they either demand for a B Tech or an MCA degree. Yes you might surely get a job in Infrastructure or Support activities after your Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree, but it would take a lot of time to switch into much challenging roles through internal job promotion unless you are having a degree which is similar to B Tech or MCA.

Mahesh Aryan, Says (Software Engineer):

Hi am also a MCA graduatre but unlike you i did by bachelors in physical science(PCM) but i always wanted to do MCA. I wanted to be a software engineer from my childhood, But in my 12th i got very less marks and i didn’t get an Engineering seat, So MCA was the only option for me to become a software engineer, MCA is not good as Engineering in terms of syllabus but if you are willing to learn you will learn more than Engineering student. I studied pretty well and got good marks now am working as Software engineer and traveling around the world. But my advice to you is

if you think you have learned enough in your graduation and think if you have the skill to join a company you can try that, But there are few limitations to that MNC’s normally hire BE or MCA or MTech graduates, Some MNC’s also hire graduates but that is less when comapred to the BE or MCA or MTech graduates. But if you have good skill you can get job. It all depends on you if you have good skill you can get job,

MCA is worth doing if you are ready to learn, Learning means not the syllabus, As you Know Software industry changes very quickly, it depend on what type of job you want, Some of my friends did MCA and became Lecturers, Some of my seniors did MCA and they are doing Phd now. Some of them are working as Software engineers in big MNC’s ,It depends on your interest one thing is for sure if you do MCA , It will increase your chance of getting a job when compared to a graduate degree generally, But it depends on how will you do in MCA ,Not only marks also the skill set that you posses.

Enough of lecture it all depends on what career you want, After you decide on that you can try to think how are going to achieve it MCA or any other degree is just entry point. After that it all depends on what kind of skills you have.

Think about it and then decide ,Because spending three years of your life on a degree that is to after graduation needs to be spent wisely and need not be wasted.

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Moumita Maity, Says:

In fact I have been interviewed personally and asked at many places, at the time of hiring process,stating why did i prefer this course. Well MCA is “Master of Computer Applications”, a course intended for equipping the student or the pursuer ,the knowledge of developing an application software. This is fully professional course ,a kind of industry oriented. If a student wants to be successful with this course, they must learn the art of professionalism before landing to a job which will come from various exposure to wide variety of environments. Don’t expect college to do all this. For getting selected in interview process and clearing campuses in colleges, there are lot of different factors playing in the background. Your board of education,your marks, your attitude,( communication skills + technical are damn important)ways to impress the interviewer, The vacancies in the companies for work in specific technologies,or domains.

But the institute plays a major role specially when it comes to provide the placement opportunities, and the syllabus which they offer. There are lots of additional subjects which are added in the syllabus which gives a greater insight, subjects like “Artificial intelligence” ,”Descrete Mathematics” ,”UNIX” ,”Microprocessor”(which are not part of BCA)which have even practicals associated with them, but not all the colleges have lectures in those. Even our college had these subjects,since lecturers were not there(Specially for AI), we had to choose some other subjects. With MCA degree we can pursue Phd.

Regarding the Engineering degrees, Obviously they are awesome, but there are lot of wide variety of differences w.r.t the colleges from which they are coming. Industries who are hiring through the college campuses (except IIT, BITS Pilani, NIITS ) recruit the students based on different criterias, based on their requirements in specific period till the tenure or tie up(MOU ) is with the colleges. Companies like TCS , Wipro provide a little higher package to PG(MCA/MTech) programmes. Even some of my brilliant friends from MCA have cleared the “Difficult rounds” of companies like “ThoughtWorks” and “Athena Healthcare” with salary packages “6–7 lakhs per annum( I wondered a lot but I found the reason later,coz I am no way a genius as them).

After so much exposure What i feel is that, there are lots of companies other than MNCs who are hiring the MCAs and there are no specific restriction , all we need to do is to clear their technical rounds. None of college courses teaches us how to clear those tough technical rounds!!! Its individual interest and passion to know these things . Thank God , Google and other people contributing to it are of great help( if no one around you is to help)

But when it comes to a satisfied carrier in the World of Information Technology, Its a big question mark. Even if you land up to a job in MNCs , you are initially trained in one domain and then lots of chances to be dumped on another domain(again depends, but in all big MNCs) this is the trend going on.I have heard from lots of friends of mine, got trained in one domain dumped to other …etc.

So.. what’s the moral of the story??? In the world of computer science , everything keeps of changing and there is no age to learning. Many students are hence joining up the startups, even with lesser pay, gain knowledge and then joins MNCs. Ellitmus, AMCAT are great helpers in this areas. The level of questions from IGNOU and NIITs for MCA are very tough!!What I feel is that, MCA is a capable course which opens up the doors of knowledge and provide you a compatible degree equivalent to BE( for some people and Masters for some other). Since we get so much time, we must spent lot of time in exploring the technologies end to end during this time. Don’t wait for others.But Yes we got to spend additional years. But its good if we want to go to Teaching side and for those who are not from much sound financial backgrounds.

For me It was good because i was not satisfied with BCA and used to think earlier that Engineering is very difficult,but had lots of interest to learn the computer science and applications related subjects(although i was eligible for Engineering degree from local Engineering colleges).

Last but not the least, what I feel and experienced that – in the world of Computer Science , its not the degree, which decides the success of a candidate. Its the passion, the smart work , hard work, openness and devotion to technologies. The Genius Minds and Intellectuals discovers and invents technologies and that becomes a subject in our curriculum. These degrees matters only when if the individual wants to design or develop some real time algorithms or compiler design programs, or perhaps the hardware related programs. I have seen many students who take their individual interest to learn the technologies like Android, NODE,COBOL, ABAP, Ruby, Python, etc on their own from the very beginning and hence they acquire such knowledge. I have learnt lot from them.Just think about those people who invent newer applications,Technologies, they don’t restrict themselves based on the degrees,its their passion and love to transform.There are even special kids who have stepped into application development..I don’t know how long will I be able to thrive in this world of IT, but at the same time interaction and inventions of Great people and their simplicity just admires me a lot. Thanks a lot to all such minds who saves us, and gives us a platform for creative thinking despite various circumstances.

Sunay Sawant, Says (Developer & SEO Executive at Eduonix):

I am MCA 2016 pass out. I merely found any difference between BSc. IT and MCA. Both of the streams almost have the same subject and same technology. Just a difference of one two subject new.

But I will tell you the story why you need to do MCA.

After completing you Bsci. IT or BCA degree go and find a job yourself. You will end up having very less package and no value for your educational degree. Some of the companies will keep you with base salary of 10k but you will never get a hike in front other BE and MCA people. Most of Bscit and BCA graduated students likely to get a job in BPO or support staff. They never get in to development. Once you are into development then its hard to move to developer field.

MCA is treated equivalent as BE or B.Tech. Therefore it has value and not in terms of technology but in terms of salary and job position. There it better for bscit bca students to do MCA for better future. Most importantly you increment and CTC is always depend upon your qualification being a fresher.

I am also MCA student but 3 years of MCA i have completed in 2 years. It was program of lateral entry by Mumbai University. Sadly this program has been shut down as of now.

Tanmay Sakpal, Says (founder of mcastud):

Hey guys, just wanna share some info about MCA. I got a mail from student saying she was confused about opting for MCA and whether the course is worth or not. And ive got few other students and guys with same doubts and queries so i’d like to share my opinion over it.

Heres what i feel:

MCA is a tech oriented degree so the only reason you would want to do that course or invest 3 years would be only if you like Information technology field.
If you have any specific interests like programming, networking, databases etc MCA would be good opt.

If you have done any IT course as a bachelors course like BScIT or BScCS then MCA is almost similar in terms of curriculum. you can check out the syllabus as its almost the same as BScITso in terms of gaining some new knowledge MCA isn’t that great option but again its a masters degree so it has that value (which is of no use as per me but it’ll should get you a higher salary IF you are eligible).

Other than that its a costly course as in it costs around 1.2 Lac
( please ignore this Para if you fall into a minority category) as fees for one year so you would be investing around 4LACs so take that into consideration as well. To be honest BScIT in Mumbai colleges cost around 25-35K per year and they have almost the exact same syllabus and curriculum. (But then Degree matters Right!!! Bullshit :D)

One more thing to add on here is if you are opting to pursue MCA just to get a higher paying job then i don’t think thats gonna work out for everyone. Here’s the scene, these days when companies approach for placements of MCA students they usually come with a criteria such as throughout 65% and above. This means you need to have 65% and above starting from your 10th grade till your bachelors and also MCA (GPA above 6.5)
So unfortunately 30-40 percent of the crowd is already out of the big companies and yes thats a sad truth which i guess you need to consider on a serious note.
If you guys are thinking college placements se job mil jayega you better check your grades(This sucks but thats how things work out here)
Yes there are companies which have no criterias as well but then most of them offer low salaries(trust me they are very low)
I got a package about 3Lacs after doing BScIT, and currently where im pursuing MCA the best i’ve heard is 4.8Lacs so thats not a big increase according to me.

Lastly its totally your decision and think about how the course is going to be for you. Are you going to learn something new? do you like IT?

If you ask me why i chose MCA i’d say because my family wanted me to pursue a masters degree but obviously i didn’t do it because they wanted me to but because i like IT anyways so why not.
And for me i consider MCA like a entire BScIT KT or sort of a repeat telecast of BScIT 😀 
But then i take it as a 3 years of BUFFER TIME (I learnt alot more than just MCA syllabus in these years) to learn things that are not taught in colleges.
Its what you learn and do outside college curriculum is what distinguishes you from the regular crowd.

One more tip for people who have finalized the decision of doing MCA. Do something out of your curriculum cause MCA syllabus isn’t going to be enough.
Learn something new, maybe a new programming language, certification courses, small time project, internship anything that adds value to you and you learn something out of it.

Hope you take a right decision,
All the Best !

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